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A variation on the "burqa," which is a full body conservative Islamic dress for women who want to hide all their features while outdoors. The burqini is a full body swimsuit which disguises the curves of a woman (especially at the hips and thighs), and also covers the head, but leaves the face exposed. It allows Islamic women to swim a little freer than having the full burqa on in the water.
Guy #1: You've never seen a woman in a burqini?

Guy #2: That doesn't even exist. It's got to be a joke.

Guy #1: I'm super-serial! Google image search that shit man. FER SRS.

Guy #2: <click click click> Jesus Christ! I stand corrected. Why the FUCK would people do that to their women?
by hnic17 August 12, 2009
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A burqini is a redesigned burka designed to allow muslim women to "swim" without violating sharia law for decency. Also is one of the most rediculous looking outfits ever designed with intention of water sport as the end activity. The suit is made of loose fitting material that covers the entire body minus the face. Due to the loose fit and covering of both the hands and feet this garment is extremely dangerous to wear in the water for even experienced and fit swimmers let alone someone who can't even swim. Basically it was a failed attempt to give the impression that women in that culture have equality.
I saw a lady at the pool yesterday with a burqini on and I kept going back in forth in my mind on whether I thought she would drown within 15 seconds of getting in the water. Unfortunately she never got in the water and just sat around staring at me and my girl the whole time we were at the pool.
by saharadryhumor January 10, 2015
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