Cool, Badass, same as steezie,
did just hit that jump?

Yeah, that was so burley!!
by nachos25461 March 18, 2010
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A chick who goes out with really ugly park guys, but loves to go out with little shrubbies.
"OMG, that girl just pulled a burley on that dude!"
"OMG, that girl and that guy looks like a burley couple!"
by Jimmy Balboa May 14, 2008
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To take a shit in a mancave and proceed to eat it or pick it up and use as a lubricant for sex
I am going to let Deb into the mancave because she said she would perform a burley for me and all of my friends!

Man, that chick was great when she let me burley her in the mancave!
by Dr. Wrong! March 19, 2010
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To take a shit in the middle of a school's cafeteria. Then eating it.
Deb pulled a Burley today in the high school it was fucked up.
by Long Dongs March 11, 2010
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Someone who walks around the town all cunting day and going into the same shop and fucking moaning about shit all the time. Buys shit DVDs and walks around with a empty laptop bag. Spesh
Seen that burley again, the cunt he's always walking round with the laptop bag the homeless looking fat tosser
by Frosty jacks sloppy mouth August 21, 2016
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Big fat bifta. Originating in room 77 the burley is smoked in times of celebration or in times of an extreme desire to become intoxicated.
person 1: "I just bought a new harmonica."
person 2: "Ace."
person 3: "I'm gunna make a burley for this!"
by Chloisha Collins December 23, 2005
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