Putting two fingers up behind someone's head while a picture is being taken.
Third graders love to give each other bunny ears in pictures.
by fmoss February 28, 2006
empty pockets. often used in the act of punking or robbing someone.
bitch show me your bunny ears! I know you got some money sucka!
by BigBossMike May 13, 2004
its when you stick your 2 fingers in a vagina and then spread them as far apart as possible
by bunnyearsd December 5, 2010
1: the act of inserting two fingers into a girl's vagina.

2: a.k.a. to finger a girl
A: Oh my god last night he gave me bunny ears for the first time!

B: When i gave her bunny ears she came all over my hand.
by thtsoddd December 11, 2009
When a girl's breasts are thin and hang down, often happens when a girl is overweight.
So what if she has D's, they're bunny ears.
by fmoss February 28, 2006
Putting a girls legs behind her head, to create a position (sexual annotation).
Guy 1: Whatcha doin tonight
Guy 2: Giving my girl bunny ears.
by JoeMartini March 2, 2009
Action of holding up the index and middle fingers of both hands like Bunny Ears to imitate the quotation marks.

Used when uttering a word, phrase or sentence in a sarcastic, insincere or mocking manner.
Bobby loves to emphasise his sarcastic remarks with bunny ears.
by chocoholicks September 7, 2004