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When combined with an owl, creates my ass.
by ass fart, eh? September 18, 2003
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1.This is a highly flexible rope that is used in the sport of Bungee Jumping.
2.A flexible rope that has a hook on each end, used for securing things to something else so as to transport safely.
1. Jim Bob tied his Bungee Cord to his body but forgot to tie it to the bridge and now he is lying at the bottom of the river.

2. Jim Bob used his Bungee Cord to secure his porno mags to his bicycle.
by Mojo Maniac July 12, 2008
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A amazing cord with the power to retract when streched to its limits.
Destiny: Hey hunny i'm going to move your couch using a friends truck. I plan to put it in the back

Ben: Okay make sure its secured down.


*5 hours later*

Destiny: Man I knew I should have listened to my smart sexy boyfriend and secured it down, like with a BUNGEE CORD. Now he is out 400 dollars.... oh shoot

Ben: dang... my couch is now on the side of a highway... I should invest in duct tape now.
by Dr. Smitten September 01, 2008
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