1. Really, really rubbish.
2. Name of an African tribal leader, who sells yams.
1. "Dude, that is total bumgay."
2. "Bumgay sells only premium yams."
by Drakien March 06, 2003
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The child of two gay men, born from dual gay DNA - A Bumgay is the true epitomé of homesexuality. If two Bumgays were ever to spawn a child, it is written in legend that even Chuck Norris would keep his back to the wall at all times.

The term Bumgay is based on the facts that the subject is;
A) Very, some may say extremely Gay.
B) When a gay man gives birth, the child is born via rectum.

Famous Bumgays have included the likes of Dale Winton, Graham Norton and Loius Spence.
If you ever walk alone down a dark alley, feel a breeze of air on your back then suddenly find you have been raped - you have fallen pray to a Bumgay.

Tarquin: "Dum de dum de dum, walking down a dark alley yea yea such fun"


Tony: "Feel sore? You've been Bumgay'd!"

Tarquin: "Oh no, not my Gumdrop Buttons!"
by El Super Warrenator March 25, 2010
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