A misinterpreted greeting to the Wachati tribe by Ace Ventura (Jim Carrey) whereas the real word is bumbawe atuna.
Fulton Greenwall: Bumbawe Atuna... Bumbawe Atuna...
Ace: Nice to meet you. Bumblebee tuna! Bumblebee tuna!
by Art1991 May 29, 2007
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It's when a guy is sitting down and has shorts on and has his legs spread open and his balls happen to be showing. All you say to him is "BumbleBee Tuna"!
Dude,bumblebee tuna! You're balls are showing!
by Willy Wonka's Midget January 7, 2006
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A brand of tuna fish made famous by its catchy advertising jingle, which was once covered by Mephiskapheles.
Yum, yum, Bumblebee, Bumblebee Tuna!
by Spicy Salsa June 23, 2009
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When someones shorts rise so high up their legs while sitting (or even standing..somehow) to the point where it is retardly awkward to those who are around this person. Pants as high to a point where you can practically see this persons boxers or balls.
Dennis: Bumblebee Tuna! Man Minh I can see your balls, what the hell is going on here. Thats only for me to see.
by Awesome McWicked July 24, 2006
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A song by, Mephiskapheles.
About a Sandwich of Bumbleebee Tuna.
I love Bumblebee, Bumblebee Tuna.

I love a sandwich made with Bumblebee

He smiled and said to me “I’ll have some Bumblebee”
by Jaz*___Guh December 3, 2005
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