THE BEST BASKETBALL TEAM EVER. Even with Jordan gone, they bring life and complete awesomeness to the NBA. Kirk Hinrich, Ben Gordon and Tyson Chandler are literally superheroes. Kirk looks like me too! :)
"Come watch the t.v. with us!"
"Sorry I'm so tired, I dont know if I've ever been this tired before.."
"The Bulls game is on though!"
"IM COMING!!!!!"
by t0mmy12 September 11, 2005
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synonym for police, detectives, f.b.i., a.t.f., d.e.a., i.r.s., i.n.s., e.p.a, d.o.e, d.o.i, n.s.a., f.s.a, n.s.c., d.o.j., c.i.d., o.s.i., u.s.m., f.p.s., b.i.a, i.a.l.e., u.s.c., u.c.g., u.m.p. u.s.d.a. and another law organization which holds authority.
lou walks in the bar with his wife 4days after lou and jimmy pulled a heist.
jimmy -"what the FUCK is a matter with you?! we a got a million bucks looking at us and you go and buy a 20 thousand dollar mink coat?"
lou -"sorry jimmy"
jimmy -"take it back, NOW i don't care where you got it but get out of here!"
by x January 24, 2004
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To be angry or annoyed about something. Believed to have originated in Limerick, Ireland.
The young fan was bulling after his team lost their fourth game in a row.
by betelgeuse September 14, 2005
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Often used in the saying "Bull Crap" or "Bull Shit".

This is from a very old French verb, boule, which means "to lie"
He bouled.
by Someone December 21, 2003
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A bull is a person who buys securities in anticipation of selling them later at a higher price
See that guy,? He is buying all the shares
He must be a bull
by RedWhiteAndBlack April 30, 2015
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The opposite of Cougar for females!!!

Older male that look good to younger females.
"That nigga right there a Bull!!! He fine for a older nigga.
by Bull814 November 20, 2017
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when you're smoking a cigar and you blow through your nose one quick puff (you look like an angry bull)
Use when smoking. The Bull
by KKTTPP May 30, 2009
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