short for bullshit. Follows the word-shortening convention of the St. James area of Chicago.
His explanation for being late to dinner was total bulls.
by Sanotaan January 14, 2005
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Used as a suffix for the nown of any word ending in 'ble'.
by Xeneth August 07, 2005
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Tom Holt: Open Sesame, page 109 of the paperback, sixth line: "Straight up, Skip, no bull. Look for yourself."
by Monachos June 22, 2009
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Round spherical objects commonly known as marbles. A kids playground game, also used when someome is speaking and you can't make out what they are saying.
Take the bulls oot yir mooth min and maybe al ken whit yir sayin!
by kelly coyle December 18, 2003
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verb: to bull-slang for taking of ones virginity.

noun: an animal or a person ready to get rid of thier virginity.
"i took your bull, in the worst way."

"that bull is ready to get wrangled."
by twat swat December 11, 2009
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Used as an acronym by members of the LA based bloods gang meaning Bloods Ussually Live Longer. Sometimes the chicago Bulls sports team wear is worn to represent this.
That dog always B wearing bulls clothes to represent his family.
by CD April 06, 2003
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verb. The rambunctious insertion of a member into ANY anus.
Byron: Steve, you never want to cuddle after you bull me.

Steve: Shut the fuck up, bitch! Go wash your ass.
by Steve Daley August 21, 2006
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