A famous "beat generation" writer who never claimed beat. His was considered beat because of his informal style, non-conformist literary attitude, and content of which he wrote.
“Sex is interesting, but it's not totally important. I mean it's not even as important (physically) as excretion. A man can go seventy years without a piece of ass, but he can die in a week without a bowel movement.” - Bukowski
by Bishop December 30, 2005
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honest guy. He taught himself to write eventhough his parents were too poor to send him to writing school or university for that matter.
Bukowski tells them as they are and not as what he wants them to be.
by dukuhead June 26, 2007
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In reference to someone who:
1). Experiences uncontrollable, Hulk-like rage against electronic devices and inanimate objects which include coffee tables, laptops, etc...
2). Has a strict daily routine that is never changed or altered.
3). Collects every cigar box and wine bottle they have ever come in contact with.
4). Wears Camouflage Khaki shorts after 1995.
**Wow that Bukowski really pummelled his Macbook!**

Q.Hey,Why are you on Craigs List looking for a slightly used Ottoman?
A. I pulled a Bukowski on my coffe table and Karate chopped it to smithereens!!
by GorgeousGeorge83 March 7, 2009
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The act of shitting in one's own hand, and then throwing it at someone.
Ahhh! Victor just gave Pat a bukowski and now shit is everywhere!
by Tyler Jones 11 April 25, 2008
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incredibly influential writer who wrote from the beat era up until his death in 1994, he was noticed for his breakaway from standard poetic form and the creation of his own style, he was deeply influenced by people and alcohol, he was a religious drinker and classic american badass who was known for beating the shit out of 3 teenagers who tried to jump him in his 50's to this day poets slave in front of typewriters trying to copy his style and emit the same beauty that Bukowski conjured up so effortlessly but to no avail.
Bukowski: "They've got us in a cage
ruined of grace and senses
and the heart roars like a lion
at what they've done to us"
by JizzBo July 11, 2008
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The act of having sex woth your partner until they fall asleep, defacating across their face, and leaving before they know any better.
Fuck! I got bukowskied again!
by Jamison Marrinda November 20, 2007
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when a guy is so drunk that he passes out while fucking some skank and then wakes up the next morning with a dildo in his ass
Did you hear about James? He brought some chick home from a bar and ended up with a dirty bukowski...
by Dr. Simulacra October 15, 2013
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