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In the U.S., bugeye refers to the 2002-2003 model year Subaru Impreza, coming from two large, bug-like headlights and amiable prescence. However, the rally-bred, all wheel drive and turbocharged Subaru Impreza WRX was truly a beast within.

"Man there goes yet another WRX, I want one now, too!"

"Yeah but it wasn't a bugeye."
by LimitedSpliffDiff September 22, 2007
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Human eyes that abnormally extend out of the eye sockets.
Stefano: Yo Manito has the only bug eyes!

Jesse: I know right? Would you rather do him or your photography teacher?
by Mister Darko August 17, 2006
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1. eyes that bulge exordinarly far outside of the eye sockets. They are kind of scary looking.

2. eyes that belong to bugs
The scary looking lady had these huge bug eyes.
by the latin freaks November 17, 2004
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The Subaru Impreza that was manufactured from 2002-2003.
Hey, man, check out that bugeye that just drove by!
by Charlie M. April 15, 2007
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a person whos eyes are bug like.

one eyeball is looking the other way


when a person open their eyes their pupil would be fully exposed. with no eyelid touching the pupil. even when they are relaxed. just they way they were born.
person1: "I spoke to her but I wasn't sure if she was looking at me".

person2: "why person1?".

person1: "Because she was bugeyed!"
by LEC2 May 07, 2003
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When you pull out your nutsac, squeez it so your nuts bulge, BUGEYES!
My friend ran around the mall doing bugeyes at people
by ILackslax January 06, 2004
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