A type of Hallucination, Where you see a silhouette of a accurate and or over-sized bug, Usually ; You see it, it shimmy's out of sight, and you don't see it again. Leaving you confused and scared because you don't whether it was real or where it is.
I saw this cockroach, i don't know where went. what if it was just a Shadow Bug? But what If it Wasn't??
by The Milk Man™ May 22, 2020
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this is used to refer to a bug in video games with light and shadow calculation, where a large surface appears as a shadow even though it is in bright light. This can happen for example in minecraft when large amounts of blocks are removed with commands.
there are loads of enemies, but I can't see them because they appear as the shadow realm bug.
by steank March 26, 2020
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A crazy person but he is still your slatt.
I hate the way he acts but he is still my slatter bug
by TheUVAfan March 12, 2020
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When someone does something dumb and it irritates you
You slow bug
by Oranges15162 December 1, 2020
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Lucy studies a lot, I can tell she is a smart bug.
by HeyJes March 23, 2015
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