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Training through deliberate practice that results in associating uncomfortable feelings, thoughts, and body sensations as routine and not something to be avoided.
I wish he would stop bitching about the heat and learn to normalize discomfort.
by physicaltherapist1 October 03, 2015

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Another word for 'Awesome' where one would normally like to use the "F" word but finds that this is a gentler and more PC version.
That one over there is Frippin HOT!
by physicaltherapist1 September 28, 2020

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The quasi-formal and somewhat medical term for Covid-19. Similar to what one used to get when a boy kissed a girl on the playground.
If I can come out of that place without getting the koodie bug, I think I might be immune.
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by physicaltherapist1 July 28, 2020

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Driving recklessly while one is using a phone.
That man is driving like crap. He must be phonebriated.
by physicaltherapist1 September 04, 2019

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