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Athletic girls that have the right combination of muscle tone and curves. A typical buff chick is 5'4 and weighs 140, but it's all muscle and curves.
I only date buff chicks, they simply do it better.
by WC's own June 21, 2006
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"Man, we went to Mazzios and had some buff chick on pizza, it was the shit"

"Man that buff chick last night was the shit"
by J_shC November 25, 2009
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"Abbreve" for Buffalo Chicken. Relies on contextual usage to specify what kind of Buffalo Chicken.
1. Katie: I think I want to order some buff-chick, does anybody want some?

2. Jed: What looks good here?
Katie: Oooo, they have buff-chick!
by Asparagustus1 June 28, 2009
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the most delectable treat ever known to man; The one food to rule them all; a buffalo chicken calzone
"Dude, Zay just walked down to Andrea's and got a buffchick."
"Damn, those are so good..."
"Yeah, I know, man, Zay loves them more than getting his D S'ed on the DF."
by Jumbotufts April 11, 2007
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Regular pizza with buffalo chicken pieces on top. Sometimes has different cheeses.
"Yo I got 2 plains and a buff chick for tonight"
"Ballin' outta control!"
by Avi6 December 20, 2008
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