squat, not much, not a whole lot, not what you deserve, a small quantity
I worked hard the whole day and what did he pay me? bubkas
by Joe Bloom August 22, 2007
Etymology: Sergei Bubka, the Ukrainian world record holder in the Pole Vault was known for breaking his own world record over a dozen times by just one centimeter at a time -- even though most experts believed he could have gone over 5 or 10 cm higher. His motivation each time he did it by 1 cm was that he got a US$1 million bonus from his sponsor NIKE.

The term now can be used as a verb or noun.
1. Bubka: to break one's own record by the smallest increment in order to ensure that one can do it again and again.
Other forms:
past tense: Bubkaed
present continuous tense: Bubkaing
She looks like she is going to Bubka her own record each week for the remainder of the season.

He clearly is Bubkaing the record for more bonus money each month.

She Bubkaed the world record again.

by Malcolm Exeter September 12, 2007
Name for a women's breasts, particularily breasts of a significant size.
I just about suffocated in that chicks Bubka Ravens
by CB20 July 6, 2010
The Bulgarian version of "bubby". Used primarily for girlfriends.
A bubka is typically the prettiest, most intelligent, funniest and best woman you know and love very much. You value her interest, views and opinions, as she does the same for you. She never fails to treat you like a king and you should always try to treat her like a queen.
Also, bubka has a cute butt.
A: Man, my girlfriend is stressing me out... What would you do in my situation?
B: pshhhh, i dunno - my bubka's amazing.
by smithy73 November 2, 2022