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A brunchie is a group of Yuppy mothers who has her friends over for brunch after thier kids Saturday morning soccer game. All 60 of their " close friends's " park their Town and Country mommie vans all the way down the street. They proceed to Kiss and hug each other in the driveway forgetting they saw each other 5 minutes ago at the soccer game. The Kids names are Typically named Beckem, Flynn or Leif.
My Neighbor next door has all her Brunchie friends hogging the street with thier Town and Countries!
by therealunicornmom June 21, 2016
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To go "brunching" or "brunchie" is another way to say your getting high or that your about to smoke a fat blunt. Just another word to hide the fact that your smoking. You could ask someone to go to brunch tomorrow and your mom wouldn't know what you're talking about.
Mariam and Annie went brunching this weekend!

Want to brunch?

Lets brunchie!

Do you want to go to brunch(ie) tomorrow?
by A-town playa October 28, 2006
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