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1. an insult; to make a complete and utter sad call; a reaction to this
2. an awkard silence; what one says to laugh off an awkward silence
3. To have absolutetly nothing to talk to someone about. See so, the gst?
4. To be failing to entertain a female with the art of conversation, often resorting to more desperate interjections; see dig tunnels?
5. The sound a cricket makes
Scenario 1:
Dude: <-insert sad joke->
Group: Brr Brr...
Scenario 2:
Dude: So, what uni do you go to?
Chick: Lidcome
Dude: O.k.
*Brr brr*
Scenario 3:
(See Scenario 2)
Scenario 4:
Dude: Hey baby! Whats up?
Chick: I like rice.
*Brr brr*
by Blackstump November 13, 2003
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