To walk by someone who is sitting down, grab their head and fart in their face
Coco was sitting in a chair watching the Super Bowl when the Moosetrain walked by and brown-faced him.
by Moosetrain March 20, 2007
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Similar to the "O face", "Brown Face" is the uncontrolled spasming of the facial muscles due to an especially pleasant defecation. Also known as the "B face".
All that fiber made a sweet turd. I'm sure my brown face was epic as I defecated. But it was quite an experience to follow B face with ring sting.
by Superhonky January 6, 2010
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when a white person puts brown stuff on their face in an effort to look spanish, indian, muslim etc....a less harsh form of black-face

grandma: i think that dude in slumdog millionaire is white
me: huh?
grandma: he's british and there are no british indians!
me: so u saying he brown faced himself??
grandma: i guess so
by elliebee March 21, 2009
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a face on a kid so ugly that should wear a brown bag over his face cuz it makes ppl cry and scare kids of the playground
Alvin is a brown bag face.
Damn hes ugly what a brown bag face.
by Sukh 2626 October 5, 2006
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The Act of smearing a zebra's shit all over your face to the point you can't see and your brown because you smeared zebra shit all over you face cause your brown
Im Canceling you for brown face
by Bangin' your daddy February 20, 2023
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