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Browly: (Adj)
See bro (noun)

The adjective form of bro
Instead of being little bitches, the men solved the problem in a browly manner, and were just chill about it.
by GooseGooseGoose May 05, 2011
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The name actually comes from a cartoon character from a tv show ( the name is usually called for dogs ) . The name browly means energetic,sweet , loving, to be around yet a bit of a troublemaker but overall an amazing noun . He is handsome,cute and adorable. He will a hole in your heart if your without him . DON’T LOSE HIM!
-hey i heard you have a dog
-yeah he is the sweetest,his name is browly
-yeah every time i come home he is there to greet me at the door by running towards me and giving me kisses

-aww,can i have browly
by deixe February 26, 2018
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