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The name of a super bitch, hilarious, pretty girl.
Brooklynne is real and tells it like it is, she's strong enough to stand u for herself, but nice enough to befriend anyone.
Most Brooklynne's have a big booty, so they can also be referred to as big booty brooklynne.

Common nicknames Brooklynne's: Bitchlynne, Brookass, Brooki
That brooklynne girl is bangin'
by bitchlynne February 09, 2012
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Brooklynne's are one of a kind. They have the best personality and are helpful, thankful, amazing, kind and so much more. Brooklynne's dream about ice cream and chocolate.
Brooklynne is the best girl you should meet her!
by Angela Angie February 18, 2017
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