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The name of a super bitch, hilarious, pretty girl.
Brooklynne is real and tells it like it is, she's strong enough to stand u for herself, but nice enough to befriend anyone.
Most Brooklynne's have a big booty, so they can also be referred to as big booty brooklynne.

Common nicknames Brooklynne's: Bitchlynne, Brookass, Brooki
That brooklynne girl is bangin'
by bitchlynne February 09, 2012
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Brooklynne's are one of a kind. They have the best personality and are helpful, thankful, amazing, kind and so much more. Brooklynne's dream about ice cream and chocolate.
Brooklynne is the best girl you should meet her!
by Angela Angie February 18, 2017
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Brooklynne one of the most kind hearted people ever, she has been through a lot but only wants to hear about you and help you, she might be nice but she is strong enough to stand up for herself, she also can be the biggest bitch in the world but only if she has to, most brooklynnes have a big booty and are proud of it, brooklynne just wants to help everyone she can and be there for everyone even if they did her wrong, she cares to much and often gets her heart broken because of it, make friends with a brooklynne, your gonna need her in your life.
Person 1: brooklynne has been there for me so much I love her

Person 2: not to mention she also has a huge ass

Person 3: she can also be a bitch somtimes tho

Person 1: the ass on her is a benefit but shes a bitch for a reason then
by Bitchyass April 05, 2019
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Big hoe. Big bitch, literally is such a fucking fag she could pass as Donald Duck without a dick. She is so fucking mental she sucks a washing machine thinking its a penis.
Me: Dude this one girl tried to fuck my dryer
Jimbo: Yea, thats my retarded ex Brooklynne
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by PapiHomo December 01, 2018
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