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Unit of Starcraft by Blizzard. Two Broodlings are resulting from the destruction of a targeted unit once hit by a Queen with "Spawn Broodlings" ability.
Broodlings aren't so strong (30 hit points) and not so dangerous (5 hit damage). They also die on their own approximately 120 seconds after spawning.
xmikex: Oh no, two broodlings are following my scv...
Catif: bring them in my base!
Cippo: Please set ultra high latency and kill'em with a Battlecruiser
by cippo January 22, 2007
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A unit in the game Starcraft by Blizzard. It is created by using a queens spawn broodling ability. Although not very dangerous it is a good way to instantly kill your enemy's powerful organic units and gain two weak ones, or to slightly damage their economy.
1-FUCK, he spawned Broodlings out of my Ultralisk.
by t3hmuf1nman August 08, 2009
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