One who continually repeats the same statement with little variation, if any.

Derives directly from the (slightly inaccurate) term involving polyvinyl record albums, where such a "broken" record would repeatedly skip back a moment in what being played. (The term was inaccurate - usually such skippage was caused by debris on the disc.)
Hey, Bob is being a broken record about the salad bar. Somebody wanna hit him?
by ke6isf April 11, 2007
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Is a term to express something that keeps repeating.
It like a broken record does to a music
You're like a broken record, keep on saying the same thing over and over again
by Bagyawan Sanjoto September 6, 2006
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When you can't stop thinking about the same thing.
You think about it over and over again, like a broken record would play the same part of a song over and over again.
She couldn't stop thinking about the boy she liked, so she came to the conclusion that she had Broken Record Syndrome.
by kjshdfkljsf May 28, 2008
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someone who keeps repeating themselves over and over again to the great annoyance of others
Anton, who doesn't know shit from shanola about training dogs, kept insisting to Jenny, over and over again, that according to a German dog training manual the best ways to train a dog is to hit them. Anton just won't shut up. Jenny, greatly annoyed, has told him he sounds like a broken record and she has no intention of disciplining her dog Lucky by hitting her. Anton is so obnoxious that Jenny is now considering trying out the German discipline method on Anton. Hopefully Anton will read this definition about what 'a broken record' means and shut up forever on this matter.

A second example:

Jenny never wants to hear Mariana's name again. Jenny is disgusted by how Anton and Mariana have treated others. Jenny never wants to hear of Mariana and never wants to see Mariana again. Even though Jenny has repeatedly asked Anton to never mention Mariana's again or talk about her in any way, however, Anton, just like a broken record, keeps bringing Mariana's name up over and over again. Anton doesn't seem to understand that Jenny is very mad that he keeps doing this although she has repeatedly asked him to stop. Anton is rather immature and doesn't seem to understand that the consequences of continually trying to tick off Jenny will mean that Jenny will stop liking Anton and will kick him out of her house and life forever.
by crazysissymonster November 6, 2007
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Drinking to break drinking records previously set by yourself. Drinking over and over again while drinking. Repeating everything you say over and over again, while drinking.
Dude, you're drinking like a fish. You've filled your cup over a dozen times in the past hour. You keep asking me if I saw the new South Park. You're a fucking Broken Record Drinker.
by Smowk October 23, 2010
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This disease is when someone repeats them self more than 2 in a sentence or more than 8 times in 10 minutes.
"You know what i mean?" "you know what i mean?" "You know what i mean?" yes i get what you mean you have broken record syndrome
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(Adj.) Having something repeatedly being said to you, most of the time about the same thing. This can vary from being said by your teacher to your black grandma.
"Boy now I done now told you to clean yo room! You makin me sound like a broken record."
by peanut6217 January 29, 2022
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