The average bro suffering from enraging cognitive dissonance over latent homosexuality. prone to steroid-induced rage at parties when drunk and upset over a bro ho skank.
did you see that brofuck punching his truck window? i guess his girl was giving some dude a blumpkin.
by beavis and buttfuck July 21, 2007
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Sometimes you just gotta fuck your bros
Sarah - "Hey what did you guys end up doing last night?"

Chris - "Couldn't think of anything so we ended up just doing some serious brofucking"
by Brofuckery June 18, 2013
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When you and your straight friend fuck in a non gay way. Just for sexual pleasure.
John: Yo Im so horny right now!
Anthony: Wanna brofuck?
John: What is that?
Anthony: Its were two straight guys fuck for sexual pleasure.
John: Alright bet, but I’m on top.
Anthony: Okay, no homo.
by 7896767jesus May 18, 2020
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