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Someone who is a pal, but also an enemy: For example, an aquaintance on a rival sports team. Can also be used to describe someone who is usually a better freind when he does something antagonistic. Not to be confused with brofo which is entirely different.
Don't get too friendly with their quarterback - at best, you're just brofoes.

Why'd you rat me out man? Sometimes you can be such a brofoe!
by Sethybanjo November 27, 2009
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A sibling, or even a male who used to be a friend, who you no longer get along with.
BroFoe used to be my best friend but he stole from me and now I can't stand him.
by Lori WordSmith December 26, 2010
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Noun: double entendre - Foe of a Bro; a brother fucker
Example 1:
- Bro 1: Yo, what'd that guy say to you?
- Bro 2: He just called me a rice cake!
- Bro 1: That's some bullshit. What a bro foe.

Example 2:

- Bro 1: How'd the date go on Friday?
- Bro 2: Awful. I had a bad case of the runs. What a bro foe.
by Gregbro May 12, 2011
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