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to part take in an inherently homosexual act, or to display homosexual tendencies or behaviors with a person of the same sex.

applies mostly to macho, heterosexual males and excludes intentional, playful displays of homosexual behavior; should be used in sentences in second and/or third person (you and he/she/it, respectively); and is best when used in a narrative or observation.
at last night's party, jeff and mark were definitely bro-backing, as they slow danced together on the patio.


dude, we totally saw you bro-backing with that guy at the bar last night.
by mingkai April 19, 2008
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A homosexual bro. A bro who prefers the company of bro's to bro-ho's.
Dude, did you see the way Matt and Trav were hangin all over each other? Totally Bro-Back Mountain style dude!
by Kellie June 19, 2006
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Verb: To pay a bro back with a similar gesture with no specific deadline, whenever is most convenient.
1: When your buddy J-Bowks spots you tickets for a movie and agrees to let you pay for whenever next time you guys go to the movies.

2: When your buddy Willy Poo spots you a fatty in exchange for another whenever you happen to get one.

TD:"Fuck man I'm broke as dicks, spot me a (enter desired object/interaction here) (giggity)."

JB:"Yeah its cool man just broback me whenever."
TD:"Sweet man. Thanks dude I owe you."
JB:"Damn right you do."
by MM Pheonix May 18, 2014
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a throwback jam that only you and your bros know.
dude sugar were going down by fall out boy is our fucking broback
by Max danger bean September 03, 2011
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1. noun. portmanteau of “bro” and “blowback”; when a decision unexpectedly creates explosive tension with one’s bros. Not to be confused with brobacking.

2. verb (often 'brobacking'). portmanetau of "bro" and "bareback"; when two bros end up having unprotected anal sex, probably just this one time.
1. “Dude, why is Jeremy so pissed at you right now?”
“Well dude, I banged his sister; he always used to joke about it, so I assumed it would be fine. But after he found out I really did it, I’ve been experiencing a lot of broback.”
"Wait you fucked Jeremy?"
"WHAT? No dude, that's broback*ing*."

2. "Dude why is Jeremy acting so weird around you lately?"
"Look, it's complicated, and I don't really want to talk about it..."
"OMG were you brobacking Jeremy?????"
"No!! No!! I uh...I banged his sister! yeah, that's it..."
"Oh, so it's just broback. Whew."
by Merryman Webster May 31, 2013
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An old Bro (throwback bro) Think of the old days with you and just your bros. These older bros usually sport a fake tan, cutoff T, athletic visor, almost hot girlfriend, and a "not to be fucked with" attitude. They usually show up when there is a some kind of game on TV involving monkeys throwing balls around.
brobackfrat brobro Bro Montana jock old bro little league dadlax
by Broseph of Arimathea July 25, 2013
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