genre of music usualy lumped in with lame bands like hinder, nickleback, godsmack, my chemical bromance i mean romance...sorry, korn, limp biscuit...ect.
Bro1:"yo bro, after we leave abercrombi you wanna go check out the hinder concert."
Bro2:"sure bro, maybe we can pick up some bro-hoes."
Bro1:"man, i love bro rock."
by wes mason September 23, 2006
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Shitty half-metal, half emo music. Most popular among high school kids, bros, and girls named Hayley
A: Dude, what is with this shitty music

B: I don't know, sounds like Bro Rock. I think that girl Hayley changed the music again.

A: How annoying. I wish I could just listen to some Cursive or something more chill. Why does she have to be such a buzz kill with all this Seether and Hinder garbage.
by A-Bam February 24, 2012
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