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an actress who was in Riding in Cars With Boys, Clueless. She passed away Dec. 20th 2009 at age 32
by shermy20 December 21, 2009
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American actress who had her breakout role in the 1995 comedy "Clueless". Went on to have roles in movies "Don't Say a Word', "Riding With Boys In Cars", "8 Mile", "Sin City", "Uptown Girl" and "Little Black Book" among others. On December 20, passed away from cardiac arrest that is believed to be brought on by natural causes. She was 32 years of age.
"Brittany Murphy first major role was on the television show Murphy Brown."
by Partykrasher December 22, 2009
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One of the best actresses out there, because she can play a majority of roles. She's gorgeous with both dark and light hair - and too funny for words. Just ONE OF THE BEST PEOPLE OUT THERE because she seems like she has a good heart and sense of humor
One extreme : Don't Say A Word. Brittany Murphy as Elizabeth

Another extreme : Just Married. Brittany Murphy as Sarah McNerney
by crackbabyy April 12, 2006
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a actress who ppl seem to like but i think she can only play a slut or a mental patient.
Slut character: 8 Mile, Sidewalks of New York

Mental patient: Don't say a word, Girl, Interrupted

A bit of both: Riding in cars with boys.
by Aroha(mad love 4 Kim Mathers) December 23, 2003
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