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A mental patient is a person who wants to see one of their collegues at work fired (or see their contract not extended, etc.).

They try to get their target paranoid, and if the target doesn't become paranoid, they try to make it look to the other collegeues as though the target is paranoid, they will try a devil's switch, which is where they fuck something up and make it look as though their target fucked it up, and they will try and ostrecise the target from others in the company.

They often work in groups, accross companies, and target the same individual.
The mental patient targetted George. He had to move to another company, then another mental patient started giving him shit, so he moved to another company, and he was targeted there too.

All of the mental patients had been in contact with each-other
by aaaaaaaiiiiieoeoeoeo January 07, 2010
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