Someone who stereotypes other people. There are two kinds of British:

1. The ignorant
2. The racist
3. There is no third kind.
1. Rajesh: Wow! Amy thought I was going to steal her purse coz i'm black.

Steve: she is British.

2. Matthew: Did you know over 6 million Irish starved to death during the Potato Famine?

Carl: It's because the British are heartless barbarians.
by johnnydoiest October 12, 2011
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(adj) when a person is like or similar to a britt/lesbien.

to be raunchy, ugly, shady, whore.

unable to make facial expressions (smiling, puckering etc)

although britts are technically female, they might as well be men, because the only boys that go for them only lower their standards enough for a britt so they can get "laid"
that guys girlfriend is so british , she is such a man.
by brittsilcoxisaman May 04, 2009
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British, a proud people from the British isles (except the Irish in the south, they don't count) who have a extremely rich history and culture and have brought about major progress and changes for all humanity in terms of the thinking and technologies who came the closest to conquering the world and in the process founded America, Canada, Australia and NZ, which alongside the UK make up some of the greatest nations on this Earth.

The British are very stubborn, comic, alcholic, diplomatic, interesting and can be very friendly but can hold a grudge, soft on their leaders (I give credit to the French they don't tolerate the BS we do) but do not tolerate elitism and are impatient.
Guy1: Wow British people suck donkey balls.
Guy2: You know you really are mocking yourself?
Guy1: ..NO I AM NOT !!
Guy2: a) your language, b) your genetics.

Guy1: H.m....
Guy3: Viva La France!!
Guy2: (longbow shoots the french guy)
Guy1: You guys ain't so bad after all!
by MustardLight April 18, 2010
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1. Being of the country Britain. (no not great fuck that)
2. Being of the country where most racist in the world come from.
3. Being of the country that conquered most other countries and everyone hates them for it.
4.Being of the country that has a smarter leader then USA's leader atleast they werent that stupid.
5. Person not as great as the USA although the USA is full of the 2nd most racist bastards.
Colored man: Hey is that guy that racist British guy?
Colored man2: Yeah thats him.....keep way.
Indian guy: Hey that bitches great great great grandpa raped my countries women.
by StraightD September 19, 2007
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A bunch of bog trotters who wish they could be from France.
British Person: I am British

Human: Sheep Shagger

French person: Hey you wanna come to Paris? I'll kick your ass.

British person: Sure
by Brits Suck August 21, 2007
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another word for sayingu my nigga or dog
and a person that has your trust anddat can keep a secret.
yo homes dats my british
by t ~izzle March 24, 2005
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To be legit at something.
That guy is so british at ultimate!
I wish I was as british at having shoulder muscles as that one guy.
by BOB SAGET123321 September 14, 2011
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