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A non-existent entity. A term used by Americans to describe the 'Home Counties' English accent.

If one does admit the existence of a British 'accent', then there are literally dozens of variations, according to the variety of forms of enunciation present in the British Isles:

Home Counties/Posh
Queen's, I.e. accent-less.
Brummie (Birmingham)
Mancunian (Manchester)

And many others.
And just for the record, those residing in the British Isles generally do not use stereotypical phrases such as 'Jolly Old Chap'. This is the perception of Hollywood, which also has a habit of casting every villain with an English accent.
by Historian_Dave December 02, 2004
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An accent that some Americas seem to love. I say that because when i went to the states Americas seemed to love my accent.
Me: hi
Cool American: Your british accent is soooo cool speak more
Me: Okay...what should i say
cool American: Anything!!!
by british brunette May 19, 2006
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One Of The sexiest accents in the freakin world.
Girl:Damn did you here him talk
Girl 2:yeah he's British
Girl:DAMN british Accents are sexy!!!
by angelic amy June 19, 2006
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There is no such thing as a "British accent" - Britain is made up of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. There are literally hundreds of different accents spoken across the whole of the British Isles. The accent that people are most commonly referring to when they say "British accent" is an accent spoken in some parts of south east England.

The south east accent is the one most frequently heard outside of Britain in the media and in films (curse you Hugh Grant!) so people don’t really hear many different accents from across the British isles which has led to the stereotyping of the "British accent".
Hugh Grant, Austin Powers, that guy in Oceans 11 (Worse "british accent" impression EVER).
by mewjaun August 27, 2006
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Better labeled as an "English accent", it is the hottest thing ever.
iEnglish/i accent is just TOO gorgeous: maximises chances of a girl swooning at your first words.
Upper class accent "I'm at Oxford" accent is the best one.
With an English accent like that, even an idiot can sound like the smartest most gorgeous man alive.
"Oh wow! Your boyfriend's a Brit?"
"He's got an British accent!"
"Shit! I love him already!"
by FranzMerlin January 21, 2006
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Technically, any one of the many accents and dialects spoken in the British Isles - Technically. But only use it if you know and respect this fact. Never use "Britain" as a substitute for England in case you offend the Celts who will probably beat the crap out of you for your troubles (Being Welsh myself, I can pretty well guarantee it)

It is not specifically "English Accent". If you want to say someone has an English Accent. Then it is common sensical to say "English Accent" as opposed to the potentially irritating generalization.

Make no mistake. I, for one, and many others like me will not let you use the term "Britsh Accent" (OR British anything else where you actually should have said English)
without some form of protest. Be it verbal or physical.
There are no examples because the "British Accent" is a non-entity.
by THR June 19, 2006
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Simple: THERE ISN"T ONE!!!

Saying "British Accent" is just as stupid as saying "North American Accent", in as much as "Britain" is more a reference to the land mass that contains within it the countries England, Scotland and Wales, so also North America contains The U.S.A., Canada, Mexico etc.
We here in The U.K. like to be called by our country of habitat, namely, England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland. (Please never get the Northern Irish Mixed up with Irish or any other english speaking accent.. They hate that just as much as we hate to be called British.) All of this hangs nicely around our accent. According to the country we live in, we like to be known as having English, Scottish, or Welsh accents. Keep calling us British, or saying that we have a British accent, and we'll start calling you Americans "Canadian" or even "north American". And we might even say that you sound like the Canadians, we know you'd hate that, but the thing is, we can actually tell the difference.
(PS:Northern Ireland is not officially classed as being in Britain, though the British government does rule it, just as it used to rule many other countries around the world. Thats why it is often referred to as Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Together this is referred to the United Kingdom, something that is totally different from Britain.)
Generic American "hero" in Generic crap film: we know he's the bad guy, he has a British accent..
All who watch the film (outside the U.S.) think: Stupid American tosser, its just a thick Yank trying very hard to do a cockney accent, and failing miserably. Plonkers.
by NorwegianJon October 31, 2005
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