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Better labeled as an "English accent", it is the hottest thing ever.
iEnglish/i accent is just TOO gorgeous: maximises chances of a girl swooning at your first words.
Upper class accent "I'm at Oxford" accent is the best one.
With an English accent like that, even an idiot can sound like the smartest most gorgeous man alive.
"Oh wow! Your boyfriend's a Brit?"
"He's got an British accent!"
"Shit! I love him already!"
by FranzMerlin January 21, 2006

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A grammatically incorrect way of acknowledging (facetiously) a wrongdoing.
Used very commonly by gangsta-wannabes and other sorts of conforming posers, the terrible grammar tends to drive literate people up the wall in absolute irritation.
"Jared! Did you drop the baby?"
"Oh. Ha. My bad!"
"WHAT THE F?!?!"
by FranzMerlin January 21, 2006

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1. The oldest university in the English speaking world; point of highest achievement.
If you're at Oxford U, there's no further earthly thing you could possibly want. The pinnacle of top education, the most beautiful of architecture, the coolest tutors, the grand history... etc.

2. Among the most beautiful of cities in the world.
"After having no life for all my high school years, the mad working has paid off! I'm accepted into Oxford!"
"Rich genius bastard!"
by FranzMerlin January 21, 2006

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