stareing, usualy with malitious intent
-why you brickin me dog
-continued stareing
by dj smorgasbord February 3, 2005
Shorter term of shitting bricks when one is nervous.
Muscle Man Randy Savage is brickin it because he's about to get pulverized by The Rock.
by UNVME666 November 22, 2011
To harass someone by kicking, punching, pushing, jumping on, flicking, poking, proding, jabbing or back handing.
Friend 2: "What if I don't?"
"Friend 1: "Then I'll keep brickin you until you cry."
by KelKat October 25, 2006
v. to be extremely erect and have so much blood flow in your genitals that you are hard as a brick
Justin was brickin' it in the scholastic bowl van around noon that Saturday.
by Raptor Jesus April 22, 2007
You'll need a live chicken and two bricks. First, fuck the chicken, then, while still mounted, take the two bricks and smash the chicken's head between them. The dying/dead chicken will thrash about for 30 seconds (or more if you're lucky) giving you a one-of-a-kind climax. Rinse chicken well. Make soup.
by Down on the Farm October 21, 2004
The act of having sex with a chicken, then once your about to finish the job you squash the chickens head with two bricks, to send the chicken into convulsions for an exciting finish.
Blake, your disgusting, I cant believe I caught you chicken brickin again.
by ry-dogg May 26, 2008
Phoenix Brickin' is much like the traditional chicken bricking except at the point right before you would normally swing your bricks, you wip out a lighter and and blase her up. Maybe enjoy a few seconds of euphoria as the "Phoenix rises from the ashes" then brick the chick and close the deal.
WARNING: Remember kids "brick & drop!" if you leave that flaming chicken in your lap too long, you may risk ending up with a Darkman'gina.
"You got the extinguisher? Alright, lets go Phoenix Brickin'"
by illestrader February 12, 2008