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To accidentally slip up and say the wrong thing on camera or before a large public group; more specifically, to accidentally say a forbidden word (usually "fuck") on the air or in a place where it is forbidden.

From an on-air gaffe made by Ernie Anastos of WNYW-TV in New York on 16 September 2009, when he accidentally told a fellow anchorman to "keep fucking that chicken."
"Did you see last night's SNL? That new girl totally fucked the chicken."

"Slash is an old chickenfucker from way back. Jim Morrison used to fuck the chicken a lot. I think Bono fucked a chicken or two in his day, too."
by Blackie Stark October 03, 2009
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A term used by marijuana enthusiasts to describe when someone accidentally coughs into the pot smoking device whilst still trying to draw smoke from it's mystical chambers, thus causing the weed held in the bowl to go flying out of the bowl.
Harold: Dude, take a fat hit of this gandalf pipe!

Chong: Mmkay... (takes giant rip, keeps trying to inhale more smoke -the greedy bastard- though his lungs are obviously to capacity. Suddenly, he can't old his compusture any more, and the smoke comes billowing out of his mouth and into the gandalf pipe, making the embering weed fly to the ground, out of the pipe) *cough cough cough cough*

Harold: Shhhhiiiiittt maaaang! Wha'd you have to fuck the chicken for?
by Zackaconda August 13, 2010
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