Scouse (people from Liverpool) way of saying breakfast
I had eggs for Brekkie
by Millie Cook February 23, 2020
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Another word for breakfast, but usually used in the context of a late night meal of breakfast foods after heavy alcohol consumption.
Hey man, we should get brekkies and sober up a bit before heading home
by iballjay March 11, 2011
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A Brekky Bong is the classic Aussie description of a bong (a bowl) of holy ganja smoked at or before breakfast. Depending on priorities, smoking habits and available food and/or cash, for some folks, the bong itself constitutes breakfast. Ideally, it would not be consumed with the entire family present, and should not be packed by your Mum.
Woke up, fumbled around for the lighter, reached down for the mix and packed myself a nice little Brekky Bong.

breakkie cone
by Davisiz August 9, 2010
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Where a man takes a shit into a womans vagina then straight after has sexual intercourse
by john smithghfgh July 8, 2009
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A pair of the best of the best shoes that you can wear around town. These shoes allow you to swoop any girl and will allow you to be praised by anyone.
person 1: dude look he has Cheeki Brekkis
Person 2: We must praise that man for he is a lord
by LetMeDieAlready January 6, 2018
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Where you run bacon grease and place a small portion of scrambled eggs on her 😺 and then eating it, leaving only one thing to do, give her the sausage,
Hey mate I hope ya don't mind but I have your crush a brekky wrap thismorning!
by Thefunnydukker November 12, 2021
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A huge breakfast with a lot of protein, including eggs, bacon, baked beans, chicken and sometimes even beef.
This morning I had a Wanyama’s brekky, it was delicious.
by Friendlycheesemuncher November 23, 2017
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