A phrase which originated between Paul Edward Lizotte and Sean "Jay-Z" Carter. It means for the subject to relax, or calm themselves.
by Hov June 19, 2004
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Phrase created and used on the west coast (mainly in the C.P.T) that means peace, stay up, or what ever...
by swank (CMG) January 08, 2005
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The breathe easy test is when you have a girl lay on top of you and if you cant breathe easy, she's a fattie
"Yeah braddah, I gave her the breathe easy test, and I just about died, so she's much too big for me, you can have her"
by Captain Matador II January 07, 2010
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Term used to tell one to chill out, settle down, be more careful, take notice, startle or just used to be used on some occasions.
Def #1 - *One is driving recklesly/hits a bump etc....*
Passenger- "Cougar breathe easy!!.

Def #2 - *Dog barking endlessly*
Owner- "Cougar breathe easy!!*

Def #3 Friend num.1 - *yelling, complaining etc*
Friend num 2-"Cougar breathe easy!!*

Def #4 Nenna and Berry were fighting so i shouted "Cougar breathe easy!!" at the bitches.
by RawSuga May 04, 2009
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