Possibly explained as a punctuated Wolf Bite, the Dog Bark is a sweaty, chaffing ass crack's wake-up-fart. It's a well known fact that farting hurts, when you've got a Wolf Bite. Now you know that such a fart (in which every vibration and clap is felt like a slap on sunburn) is called a Dog Bark.
Damn, I knowed I shouldn'a ate them Crunch Wraps before I goed jogging. Them shits gave me the Dog Bark hard core, son.
by JoshuaJordan May 08, 2008
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Being the victim of a whistle-blower (someone who reports your misconduct.)
There was no more rain, just an eerie stillness, a deathly silence. Somewhere a dog barked, and my wife caught me with my pants down, and the maid on the floor... staring at the ceiling languidly, with the eyes of an innocent cow.
by rperazag June 17, 2010
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An example of someone who reckons dogs barking in a dream is very common and doesn't sound odd.
My friend said it to me once
by bbvx November 12, 2003
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This is the opposite of "Look who the cat dragged in"
Tom-Look who the dog barked in

Jim-Hahaha look who the cat dragged in
by I coin this term December 27, 2019
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Feet hurt. This is an old expression, typically associated with the South and especially concentrated around the Appalachian Mountain chain. Older usage didn't connote smelly or dirty feet, just sore feet.

There is a brand of shoe called "Hush Puppy" and it's is named that as a reference to the expression, "My dogs are barking." In the case of the shoe, Hush Puppies are supposedly so comfortable they can quiet your puppies - that is, stop your feet from hurting.
by berber carpet bomb March 21, 2012
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1. your stock is a loser and needs to be sold.

2. that unattractive woman is talking too much.

3. in a football wager, an underdog team is an attractive bet due to the overly favorable pointspread.
1. "Dude that dog is barking. Get out while you still have something left."

2. Dude that dog is barking. Tell that bitch to shut up."

3. "Eagles getting six? That dog is barking at me bro."
by Joe Bone March 11, 2005
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So.. this is not a phrase of american origin as suggested in the other definitions. It comes from the Cockney rhyming slang "dog meat" -> "feet" and means my feet hurt.
by medthepirate April 12, 2018
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