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Literally the coolest person you know. She quotes movies like it's her job, has great taste in music, and has a fantastic sense of humor. A Lindsay is often blatantly honest and sometimes it makes her sound like a bitch but she means well. She has a ton of friends but doesn't like to be tied down to any one group of people- she is a free spirit. Lindsay is a fun sexy girl and can be intimidating but she loves her friends; most of which are guys. She has incredible eyes, an amazing laugh, and a very pretty face. This girl is a keeper. But be careful letting her meet your family- if you break up they might chose her over you! She really isn't single for very long so if you have a window of opportunity TAKE IT or someone else will.
"Wow dude were you just talking to Lindsay?"
"Yeah. Damn she's incredible."
by AnGeLfAcE August 25, 2012

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To most people, it begins with a grand confetti-filled ceremony, but sadly, usually ends in divorce and the like.

So, taking contemporary relevance into consideration, Perhaps the most accurate definition of 'marriage' is:

"I know im crazy in love with you right now, but when these high emotions leave and it's just you and me left, I promise that I'm going to stay with you, belong to you, protect you and love you... I wont leave you or break this promise (even if you do bore me sometimes down the track)."
"If we're going to consider marriage, we'll have be prepared to make the commitment... forever."
by Angelface May 11, 2006

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go to sleep;relax
I'm about to take it down early.
by angelface June 03, 2003

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Be cool; calm down
A my nigg breath easy.
by angelface June 03, 2003

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some alright weed
I want some chicken.
by Angelface June 03, 2003

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To engage in a sexual activity; have sex
I had me some ice cream last night.
by Angelface June 03, 2003

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good weed
I had some steak, it was off da hook.
by Angelface June 03, 2003

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