A period of time off too long to be a break, not long enough to be a vacation
Winter breakation is so awesome!
by H8S19B2 December 21, 2008
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A break in one's regular schedule (e.g., period between academic semesters or when between jobs) that essentially constitutes a form of temporary vacation.
It was wonderful to have time off after then end of the semester - this breakation is exactly what I needed!
by Tezak Gemarxal January 25, 2015
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A vacation taken immediately after a breakup that allows you to process the whole situation and get over the guy/girl who dumped you without having to worry about running into him/her in the grocery store.
After that dbag dumped me, I had to take a 3 week breakation at the beach to get him off of my mind.
by melissasmith19 July 23, 2009
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A vacation taken with your partner after one has already said that they want to break-up/divorce.

This sometimes happens accidentally if an expensive trip has already been booked but can happen deliberately if people genuinely want to discuss things in a relaxed and neutral space.

Breakations are effective because of the chance to communicate openly, appreciate each-other, celebrate the joys of the relationship and drink heavily without affecting your job.

There is a high chance of sexual intimacy and breakation sex can be phenomenal but should cease before the end of the vacation so that the party that least desires the break-up gets the message.

Having sex with others on a breakation is not cool.
She's important to me but I was really unhappy with her behavior and wanted out. She kept thinking I'd get over it so I took her on a breakation. She finally understood while we were having steaks overlooking the ocean at sunset. I totally needed a vacation too.

Honey, I want to make this trip a breakation.

A: What about the money we already spent on that vacation? We can't get it back.
B: I still want to go
A: I still want to go too
B: It'll be our breakation
by TakeYouOnACruise June 6, 2011
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When you break a bone and have to take paid time off to recover.
Don't talk to me about work before my surgery I'm on breakation.
by Gail F. Winds May 2, 2021
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