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In American football, it means that the ball broke the imaginary plane extending upward from the goal line. Signifies that a touchdown occurred.

In bed, it means that the tip of the penis entered the vagina or anus to some extent. This is typically considered the point at which sexual intercourse has occurred.
Sam: "Come on, baby, let me beat it up."
Christina: "No, I'm a good girl. I don't do that kind of thing with guys unless I'm in a serious relationship."
Sam: "Just the tip, just for a minute, just to see how it feels?"
Christina: "OK, sure, but no more than that...and you can't tell anyone."
Sam: "Of course."
(inserts tip)
(10 seconds later)
Sam: "Oh, oh, OH!"
Christina: "Oh no you didn't just..."
Sam: "YES! Gotta go."
(Sam hurriedly dresses and runs outside to roommates who are playing Xbox and smoking the reefer)
Sam: "Hey guys, guess what just happened!"
Rasheed: "Did you chuck it in her?"
Sam: "Hell yeah, bro! Skeet skeet! Time to put another notch in the bedpost."
(high-fives all around)
(Christina comes out)
Christina: "Um, no you didn't. That didn't even count."
Sam: "Let's take a look at the instant replay, shall we?" (pulls out tape)
Christina: "You VIDEOTAPED it? You asshole!"
(video playing)
Rasheed: "Did he break the plane? Yes he did! Touchdown! Count the chuck!"
(high-fives all around)
Sam: "So...ready for round 2?"
Christina: "Dream on. Compared to you, a one minute man sounds like a good thing. You're never going to hit it again. Oh and all the girls in town will know about your 3-inch needle dick before long. I bet you pee on your nuts. Later, chump."
by Nicholas D January 26, 2012
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