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An extremely painful way to completely remove a person's (mostly women's)pubic hair, rather then shaving, which leave razor bumps.
Woman #1: I went to get a brazilian wax the other day.
Woman #2: How was it?
Woman #1: It was worst then child birth! But no more razor bumps :)
by Boobala July 14, 2006
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An extremely painful way of removing most of one's pubic hair (pubes)
Jeremy : Kelly had a Brazilian Wax done yesterday.
Kyle : Jill told me. SHe said it really hurt.
by iiLoveeYouu-x May 20, 2008
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The Brazilian wax is widely know to be the most painful and sexy thing a woman can do to her lower private area. This is only for the brave and (luck enough) high pain tolerance woman. Men can also get this wax but it is not as common. What usually happens is the person goes to waxing/nail/spa place, asks for a Brazilian and then is led into a private room where a woman/man (usually horrible with English) starts waxing your pubic hair. Once this is done, it's necessary to take a shower after.
Person 1: Hey I just got Brazilian Wax!
Person 2: OW!!!
Person 1: Yeah, but totally worth it, super smooth now.
by Cheeky5221 August 26, 2013
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When your national soccer team is being clipped and shaven by its opponent in an embarrassing way.
In the semi-final of the WC soccer the Seleção got a Brazilian wax by Die Mannschaft.
by 27ants July 09, 2014
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The male significant other of a lesbian pretending to be straight; the male equivalent of a beard.
Tony is obviously Sarah's Brazilian wax. She's more butch than he is.
by haruhisuzumiya February 12, 2015
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