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A person who is highly perceptive and intuitive with a wonderful imagination and the ability to manifest their dreams in reality. They are able to create joy, security and harmony for themselves and in the lives of others by the support and dedication which they give. Often the center of influence people admire their fine qualities and follow their example. Much happiness is gained through their willingness to serve good causes.
I love brandice, she is sexy.
by kylie rose June 13, 2008
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in words she is...
beautiful, clumbsy, musical, passionate, cute, loud, herself, creative, outspoken, attentive, curious, charming, dorky, unusual, open minded, sexy, petite, soft, eccentric, exciting, whimsical, upbeat, self-concious, unique, original, colorful, luminous, compasstionate, old fashioned, good natured, modest, shy, and just unforgetable...
all these words dont even come close to trying to describe her...
the faint scent of her hair gives me goose-bumps, the touch of her soft, fair skin takes my breath away... she is Brandice
by I Think I Love Her March 18, 2010
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