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brain stain - a continually intrusive thought, thought pattern or visual that is highly undesirable or distracting, similar to an ear worm.
Pvt. Schmuckattelli has some serious brain stains from seeing the chaos in Iraq; he wishes he could wash those scenes from his mind, but he can't.
by TooSick4U May 18, 2007
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The act of holding your testicles in your hand, so that they resemble a brain. Then placing them on someone, thus giving them a brain stain.
I totally brain stained Johnny last night in his sleep.
by ClitorisCommander1234 May 13, 2011
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the pesky mess left after someone's brain has splattered; usually left on purpose, out of anger and frustration
I'm so pissed at you, there's gonna be brain stains all over your shit when you get home!
by alyjane June 06, 2011
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