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Also known as a Richard because of his dickness, but than apolijizes for his wrong doings. Sweet, sexy, handsome, and caring guy when he wants to be. Best fuck you could possibly have. Very concieted. A great friend. Always trying to do things for others, and also sometimes a very bad trouble maker. Usually the race of high power mexican. Can act really crazy at times. Likes to smoke massive amounts of marijuana and consumes alcohol. Has uncontrollable anger issues, sometimes resulting in broken things. Has a big dick too.
by ganjagoblin May 25, 2011
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Braian is Uslly known to play all types of sports. He's really caring, talkative, and is such a nerd. He's loves to hang around people and loves his friends and family. He very good with spritual stuff and with talking to people. If you have a braian don't let him go ever.
Girl 1: who's your new Friend"

Girl 2: oh that's Richard, he's such a braian.
by Summer Will July 13, 2017
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