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A guy who cares a lot about other people. He doesn't base his friendships and relationships on how someone looks. Braedy is the type of guy that is everyone's best friend. Every girl is hanging on his every word. Short, light brown hair, always clean cut and brilliant brown eyes. The most incredible and sexiest guy alive. Beyond charming. Braedy is someone you will fall in love with instantly and then keep one falling in love with. he's perfect beyond belief. A sweet, kind person who emits a powerful and gentle brilliance around him. Braedy is every girls' dream and is the only guy a girl would love to walk the aisle down with.Wrestlers and track stars. They're most likely in the military and are tall with an intense body. They are pretty much a stud at everything they do. They have super fine girlfriends and love pork chops, but not sexually.
Amanda: " I just started talking to him three days ago, but I already love him"
Claire: " Wow! he's such a Braedy!"
by cheshire cat June 13, 2014
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