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Bracketology is an example of adding the suffix 'ology' to a trivial task to make it sound scientific or difficult. Usage skyrockets during the month of March when any idiot with cable thinks they know everything about college basketball. At least until the boss' 13 year old daughter wins the office pool by picking the teams with the best looking jerseys. Anybody else is just kidding themselves.

Also see words that add 'Engineering' and 'Science' to likewise trivial tasks.
I am a bracketologist! I am a master in the art of bracketology! hurr!
by Ryanadadasd March 16, 2007
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Easy. Bracket. Something used normally in hanging something up or securing something. tology - the act of putting up a bracket or the science of actually making the bracket work properly after installed.... Wasn't that a crock....
We will use the bracketology to solve the problem of hanging this up.
by fancysmommy March 17, 2007
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a college major, which is the art of studying, researching, and predicting which men's college basketball teams will advance in the upcoming men's ncaa final four tournament using an official tournament bracket which is released on selection sunday.
Andy Katz is the professor of teaching bracketology.
by Professor Katz March 16, 2008
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The Art and Science of figuring out and filling out NCAA basketball tournament bracket during March Madness.
Hmm... Well, don't put any teams from Pac 10 to pass 2nd round on your bracket this year. I'm serious.
by Dr. Bracketowski March 01, 2005
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Most directly put, the study of how to put a bracket together. Popularized by the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, bracketology is the system by which sports analysts and the NCAA committee decide, by a series of statistics such as RPI, win-loss ratio, final AP Ranking, and auto-bids decided by the outcome of a teams regional end-of-season tournament, what 65 teams (including the play-in game for the two least-qualified team) will play for the chance to win the NCAA Div. 1 Men's Basketball title. Teams are separated into four regions with 16 teams placed in each region. Each region contains teams with seeds #1-#16 and tournament play commences in early-mid March, hence the dubbed tournament name, March Madness.
Bracketology is not limited to the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament, but that is the most common usage of the term when referred to in sports.
After brackets are set up by way of bracketology, the 65 team tournament field, a team must put together a series of six wins against some of the best teams in the country in order to win the prestigious NCAA Title.
by Scotty V March 16, 2007
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The fine art of destroying half of the populations NCAA bracket pool by a No. 1 seed being beaten by a No. 16 seed team.
Dude my bracket was destroyed last night but hey, that's bracketology.
by Stevo the Great May 11, 2018
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