That skanks braciole is hanging out of her dress, she's a whore.
by ilovebalddaddies March 29, 2011
In Italian American cuisine, braciole (the word is commonly pronounced /bra'zhul/ from the Sicilian dialect) is the name given to thin slices of meat (typically pork, chicken, or beef, but even swordfish) that are rolled as a roulade with cheese and bread crumbs and fried (the bread crumbs are often left off).

However when used as a Snook'ism *i.e. Snooky from Jersey Shore* The word takes on an entirely different meaning.

Braciole- Thin piece of meat some Guido, Juice-head or Gorilla attempts to pass as an adequate specimen of a satisfactory sized phallus (dick).

Usually applied to said Guido, Juice-head or Gorilla after they've realized just how disease ridden and utterly sloppy Nicole (Snooky's) vagina is (seriously the kooka looks like roast beef), and opt out of the post-sex cuddle.
*Said in Guidette* After he decided not to cuddle, "I was like, whatever... thanks for the braciole, but hit the road."
by intrinsic_loathing March 1, 2011
Slang term for a woman, used frequently among outer-borough ethnic Caucasians in New York City.

Formally, braciole is a flattened flank steak stuffed with various items and cheese, thus resembling a woman's vagina
Maria is one fucking fine lookin' braciole, I says.

Minga, that's a Prime braciole right there
by Lou Skünt April 2, 2012
Definition 1: When a golfer takes out a big divot of grass after his swing.

Definition 2: A giant poop that cannot be flushed down the toilet.

Pronounciation: Bru-shoul
Example 1: Did you see that braciole he took out of the ground on that swing?

Example 2: I had to break out the plunger to unclog the toilet after my wife dropped a stinky braciole.
by JoeyBukkake September 8, 2010