A meme you follow up with after seeing some weird, cringe, or disgusting video
Sees 5 naked unshowered black men pissing on turtles* insert boy what the hell boy video here:
by Sugarthebitch June 15, 2021
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A meme of a video of the app character "Talking Tom," saying "boy what the hell boy." The meme originated on Tiktok and is mostly used when seeing something "cringy" or weird."
Video of band kid saying some cringy weird stuff, * "Boy what the hell boy" meme appears *
by luckyxd June 16, 2021
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when you're absolutely dumbfounded and utterly shocked
Jeremy: Yo, do you read any superhero comics?
John: Yeah, I love My Hero Academia!
Jeremy: boy ain't no way boy
God: boy ain't no way boy
by mraljazeera January 3, 2022
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A black male that dresses like a white boy. Wearing Aeropostale, American Eagle, Ralph Lauren Polo and Hollister. Mainly wearing tight shirts and skinny jeans like the white boys.
I dress so sporty man black boy white boy shaw like a shortys on me man & I'm super stiff I point at shorties when I dance why you walk like that because a horse is on my pants polo & American eagle. - Travis Porter (Black Boy White Boy)
by babigirl0391 December 1, 2009
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Bad boy soy boys (BBSB) are soy boys who are bad boys, the only difference between them and a normal person is that a BBSB will eat better food and date hotter chicks
Gaston is the baddest bad boy soy boy on the block.
by DATMOFO February 28, 2018
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What the average mainstream jungle nigga has become. No more tall tees and Girbaud Jeans. Now, Niggas wear tight shirts with stupid phrases and skin-tight shredded hobo jeans.
Ay nigga , i got up dis monin' and put on my black boy white boy swag.
by Jaytheoldtimer June 29, 2010
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