cultural references:
-Was the favorite expression of Lee Majors as Heath on "Big Valley"
-Name of mascot for CREEM magazine (not porn, it's a longtime publication for rock music fans).
"Boy Howdy!"
by Dan February 2, 2004
The act of inserting ones testicles into a female's or a male's anus then yanking them out causing a loud popping sound.
Aye, last week I seen my nigga Tay givin' dat bitch a skraight up Boy Howdy.
by Nay Nay August 18, 2008
a word imitating hics to emphasize something amazing
"That's a bumdizzle ride!"
"Boy howdy"
by Ak2 October 9, 2003
Common greeting given on Friday, the traditional end of the working week. Used to express the feeling of intense relief and anticipation that comes on the verge of the glorious weekend.
by the hated milk machine March 2, 2005
(n.) Nigger; Nigger; Nigger
Boy Howdy! You can't drink at this fountain!
by Jimmy Baste February 14, 2006
this word means wow, or jeepin' gillickers, wally!
Boy howdy, what a rootin', tootin', hootin', hollerin', grandma humpin' time that was! I can't wait til next time!
by Captain Jacqui April 17, 2004