A Swede.
The original box heads were Swedes, and others such as Albanians or Russians are merely Johnny-come-latelys to the group.
Have you ever noticed how Swedes have heads shaped like boxes? That must be why they are called box heads.

I drive a boxy Volvo because I am a box head.
by adam_before_eve March 18, 2006
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A slang word used in Australia to describe Macedonian people, of which are usually said to have a "box shaped head".

look at that boxhead

typical boxhead

bell st maccas is full of boxheads now
by TG83 September 27, 2007
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term used to describe someone from a country like russia or albaina or kosavo, also see square head
get-up box head... or 'did you see that fucking box head'
by aidan and barry October 25, 2003
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A drinking game by which the participant places a 24pack beer box on his head and becomes boxhead. His party cohorts then proceed to peg him with empty beer cans, chairs, and tables until he falls down.
John was so shitfaced that he played boxhead to everyone's amusement.
by Dudefest 2011 May 19, 2011
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A person or creature who has an unquenchable enthusiastic desire to inebriate themselves, much to there own detriment.
"Oh my god... That boxhead just drank a bong full of poppers and LSD!"
by Captain Funtimes February 21, 2008
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1) A rare condition where one's skull resembles a square(predominantly with a completely flat top) rather than the normal human head, which is oval shaped.This generally occurs in rednecks, due to lack of diversity in the gene pool.

2) An insult, used to mock people with the condition described in definition 1).
John: Wow Peter, I never noticed how oddly shaped your head is!

Peter: Deh


Gary: LOL way to trip walking up the stairs Rus, you Box Head.

Russell: Stop making fun of me, I hate you so much.
by ilovehamsters69 January 17, 2010
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