A slang word used in Australia to describe Macedonian people, of which are usually said to have a "box shaped head".

look at that boxhead

typical boxhead

bell st maccas is full of boxheads now
by TG83 September 27, 2007
A drinking game by which the participant places a 24pack beer box on his head and becomes boxhead. His party cohorts then proceed to peg him with empty beer cans, chairs, and tables until he falls down.
John was so shitfaced that he played boxhead to everyone's amusement.
by Dudefest 2011 May 19, 2011
Someone with a head shaped like steve from minecraft
That guy has a boxhead like steve from minecraft
“oh. that’s just Cade.”
by Ballsaqqqwqq March 29, 2022
'What was he doing?'
'Damn Boxhead'
by Mikee April 12, 2005
a lesbian, or one who enjoys eating vagina
She dont want no dick, that bitch is a boxhead
by lexboogy September 17, 2011