surrounded, out numbered, and stuck in a confined space
we're boxed in. we go out that door and the cops have us!
by Spaz De Kat March 17, 2009
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When one wants to look funky one may pull their boxer shorts approximately 2 inches above ones trousers and fold them down thus creating this funky effect.
Thats some funky gear G!
You just stuper fly
by Eddie Baby December 17, 2003
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adj. the state of a female's being too interested in other women to be bothered with men, particularly if the woman is generally heterosexual
Dude, you see that hot chick over there?" "Yeah, but do you see her hot friends? She's completely boxed in. No way she'll go for you. She's busy.
by Another chick May 20, 2011
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Having your boxer short hanging out over the top of your trousers and pulling them down.
"damn you look cool!"
"yeah thas jus boxed in for ya"
by fuckoff December 9, 2003
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The philosophy that regardless of attractiveness, age, and possibly (thanks to science) even gender, vagina is vagina and sex is sex.
Man, that chick was less attractive than my ass chihuaha, but box is box!
by Hambizzle October 23, 2005
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A disastrous event that generally occurs during sex between an inexperienced and/or pornography driven male and a poor, unsuspecting female. When the participants are gearing up to do the "deed", the male deems it necessary to take his erect penis, and proceed to SLAP the females vagina in an ill-thought attempt to arouse her.

Consequences of this action are generally yelling, cringing, and prompt cease of sexual activity. Extreme cases will lead to injury, breakups, or imprisonment.
"We were messing around, making out, and getting ready to do it, and all the sudden he started BOX BOXING me! It hurt! I was completely not in the mood after that!"
by Emort June 18, 2008
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The act of fisting your partner's vagina on December 26th, traditionally known as Boxing Day.
My girlfriend and I did some Boxing Box Boxing on each other this year; it's become a new Christmas tradition!
by David Tyrell December 23, 2020
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