An Place That You Don't Will See/Know Never....
And Also Its A Box lmao
Someone: Hey Dude Where Did You Got That?

Someone1: I Got It In Somewhere In Somewhat In Somekind Box

Someone: What?
by Yurixc XD April 13, 2019
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When a woman opens her legs and her vagina is a bright hue that it appears to glow.
She said "come dive in my glow box," so I said "yes ma'am!"
by KingJDH099 June 5, 2017
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When you put mdma on a girls clit and lick her out
"dude i molly boxed jen last night"
by Xannyboiiii April 23, 2019
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Badass Rap group, Originated in Norristown, Pa. 4 members, Mad Hatta, HEZ, Choppa, N Tha GloWorm.
"This is LBC, thats tha lunch box crew, we levin piles of bodies behind us, like tha bird flu. I said it, LBC so wut u gunna do, step to us, we will destroy you."
by GloWorm LBC June 8, 2009
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A sexual act where a woman gets onto her knees as the man stands over her with his legs spread. She proceeds to place the tip of her finger into the mans ring piece as if inserting some change. She then places his erect cock onto her ear and talks into the mans arse hole. To hang up the call the man will usually take a steaming hot shit right in her gob just like a dirty Bosnian Phone Box.
Man my wife loved the Bosnian phone box I gave her last night, I’d eaten a hot tikka masala the night before too!
by Twiggy_222 October 8, 2020
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Someone who from a distance appears sweet and innocent but once in close range is wild and manic and will pull you to your own demise with their fluffy murder mittens.
She is like a Maniacal Box of Kittens. Irresistible and deadly.
by Maniacal Murder Mittens October 1, 2023
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