An Xbox party, where everyone brings their Xbox, a copy of Halo, a TV, and a bunch of ethernet cords. Very fun.
Yo, G-Money, there is a box party at H-Dawg's tonight.
by MechaForce December 21, 2003
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An extremely attractive male specimen. (most often used by females as a code word in order to inconspicuously point out hot guys to their friends.)
Alllriiiight...He is a BOX PARTY!!
by kurdles May 13, 2009
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A funeral, the ceremony held for a dead person before burial or cremation.
My Grandpa died, time to have fun at a Box Party!
by Hizzo July 06, 2005
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firstly you and your mates each poke a small pinhole in the side of a cardboard box secondly every one puts their box on their head and the host of the party switches on his favorite porno. Making sure that you can only see the television and none of your friends everyone begins to masturbate.
guy1:Hey man, I heard you were hosting a box party this weekend, can I bring the flat?
guy2: Na dude, its more of a family get together.

guy1: Hey word on the street is that you guys had a box party last week, that's soooo gay!
guy2: fuck off!! you can't even see the other guys and the porn was all lesbian.
guy1: oh my mistake, sounds like a hoot.
by shittydiddlesacks March 11, 2010
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